Compressed Air Foam System


"The simple, easy to use, versatile pieces of equipment always break through to find their place in the firefighting industry. This is not just my experience, but many years of equipment development around the world prove this to be a fact. My prediction qualified or otherwise, is that the Porta-CAFS is here to stay because it meets a genuine need for many facets of our industry today."
Gary McDowell, ABC Macintosh

U.S. and International Dealers

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Product Manager: David Horton

Firematic Supply Co., Inc. has introduced an affordable compressed air foam system. This new system named Porta-CAFS®, upgrades your capability by increasing the effectiveness and safety of firefighters in limited water and personnel conditions. Compressed air foam has a proven track record of 3 to 5 times faster knockdown. Firematic has embraced this technology and designed a 650 CFM CAF system that is both affordable and reliable.

Porta-CAFS is a high volume low pressure compressed air foam system. Rather than high pressure compressors attached to truck mounted pumps with costs in the $200.00 U.S. to $250.00 U.S. dollar per CFM cost. Porta-CAFS has revolutionized the industry with a cost of less that $6.00 per CFM. The patented Porta-CAFS unit is designed for any time you need a lot of foam fast.