36 x 13.5 - 19.5 tires for super single wheels

Founders M/T tires are designed and built for a specific purpose: To allow Ford F-550 and Dodge Ram 5500 trucks to maintain their intended GVW with a super single tire, while also providing superior longevity compared to any other tire its size. It features a tread design optimized for clearing mud/sand/snow while keeping enough rubber on the road to prevent overheating, wear, and blowouts that plague over-aggressive tread patterns. That makes these tires ideal for wildland fire fighting and rescue operations that require driving both on pavement and off-road.


  • Tire Size: 36x13.50-19.5
  • Overall Diameter: 36.00"
  • Cross Section: 13.50" (on a 9.75" Rim)
  • Weight: 92 pounds
  • Ply Rating: 16
  • Load Range: H
  • Road Speed Rating: G / 55mph
  • Max Load: 6400 pounds
  • Max Pressure: 110 PSI
  • Recommended Rim: 9.75"-11.25"
  • Sidewall: 8 ply nylon
  • Tread: 10 ply nylon

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Q. Will these tires fit my truck without a lift kit?

A. No, in order to fit Founders M/T onto your truck, you will need to install a lift kit as well as trim your fenders. Luckily, Tuff Country® lift kits are an option for each set of tires we sell, for both Ford and Dodge trucks, meaning the lift kit and tires will ship together as a complete super single conversion kit.

Q. How many miles can I expect to get out of a set of Founders M/T?

A. The life of your tires will depend on many factors, including your vehicle weight, percentage of driving on/off road, and your style of driving. They were engineered to provide the best combination of longevity, traction and durability.

Q. What makes these tires so great off-road?

A. Here's why:

  • They provide added chassis/suspension clearance over ground obstacles.
  • Their tread pattern is designed for superior traction in soft/muddy ground conditions, not to mention added on-road traction in wet and snowy conditions.
  • Their extra width provides "flotation" in sandy/soft conditions.
  • The sidewall is designed for abrasion and puncture resistance.
  • Single tires negate the possibility of objects catching between the factory dually tires and blowing out the tire(s).
Q. Can I install these tires myself?

A. Absolutely. You'll need some equipment though, most importantly a complete set of wrenches and a floor jack to lift your truck off the ground. You'll also want a rubber mallet and some anti-rust lube for any rusted on parts you may have to remove. You will NOT need to do any welding to install this kit. If you work efficiently with a buddy, you can have the tires installed by the end of the day but you'll probably want to give yourself a weekend. Just make sure you order the tires with powder-coated wheels already installed by Firematic. If wrenching isn't your thing, you can always have the kit installed by one of our certified dealers or your local mechanic.

Q. Will the tires and/or lift-kit affect manufacturer warranty?

A. They do not affect the warranty in any way.

The Kit

Here's what you get:
  • 4 Founders M/T Tires
  • 4 Super Single Wheels
  • 1 Tuff Country Lift Kit
  • 2 Rubber Fenderettes and Aluminum Sheet Fillers for Wheel Well
  • 4 U-Bolts
  • 2 3" Lift Blocks for the Rear
Call: 631-995-3246 for a discount on complete kit pricing.