Fotokite Sigma. A Situational Awareness System for First Responders.

Focus on your mission. Drastically improve your team's situational awareness. The Fotokite Sigma allows you to gain an impressive, unobstructed overview of any incident in an instant. Live stream and document mission-critical aerial views with total operational freedom.

The Fotokite Sigma consists of the Ground Station and the Kite. A tablet or computer runs the Fotokite Live App which shows the real-time thermal and low-light video streams, giving teams actionable information throughout their mission safely and reliably; no piloting necessary.

How can Fotokite help?

The Fotokite Sigma is deployed and used daily by a variety of public safety departments in real-world missions. Key advantages that this situational awareness system provides are added safety to your team, added efficiency in your response with team resource savings, and simplicity of deployment without the same safety problems and regulatory hurdles as traditional drones.

How can Fotokite improve your mission?

The Fotokite Sigma is purpose-built to meet the needs of public safety teams in everyday missions. Every system is delivered with the following features engineered to improve your safety critical missions without added complexity

Safe and Simple Situational Awareness

Deployed with the single push of a button, Fotokite Sigma doesn't require any setup time, calibration, or piloting. Within seconds, you and your team will be able to access aerial overviews of your incident scene up to heights of 45m/150ft with the safety and reliability that public safety teams demand.

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