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Fire Hooks 24" Pro Bar w/Firemaxx

Fire Hooks 24" Pro Bar w/Firemaxx. The marriage of our most popular multi-funtional tools. The 14-in-1 Firemaxx and the Pro-Bar 24" with two rings and reflective shoulder strap. A yellow velcro mini-marrying strap marries them together. A chrome trigger snap, attaches to the rings of the Pro-Bar 24". 14 features in a one piece Firefighting Tool: Axe, Hammer, Spanner Wrench, Windshield Cutter, Rappelling Ring, Gas Shut-Off, Water Shut-Off, Battery Disconnect, Dry Wall Cutter, Forcible Entry, Hinge Remover, Pry Bar, Stortz Latch Opener, and Hood Remover. This tool is one piece drop forged and heat treated with self extinguishing Celtex grips. Fire Hooks part number PROMAXX.

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Fire Hooks part# PROMAXX, base price = $338.00
Product category: Hand Tools > Bars & Hooks