The Integration of Communication and Hearing Protection
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Change your wired system to wireless.
Firecom’s wireless system is an affordable upgrade that’s easy to buy and simple to install. Click here, or call Ray at 631-995-3242 for more information.

3010 Intercom 3020 Intercom
3010 Intercom 3020 Intercom
Standard Features:
• Touch controls for easy operation
• Illuminated system status display is easy to read
• Advanced circuitry produced crystal clear voice communication
• Mobile radios and cellular phones interface with modular components
• Durable steel housing protects against heat, moisture and impact damage
• Compact design
• Dual Radio Monitoring (3020 Only)
• Primary Transmit Select (3020 Only)

UH-10 Headset     UH-10S Headset     FH-10S Headset     Handheld Radio Interface
UH-10 Headset UH-10S Headset FH-10S Headset Handheld Radio Interface
• Radio transmit/receive
• Hands-free intercom
• Designed to be worn under a helmet
• Unbreakable, adjustable headstrap fits any user
• Our most popular model
• All the features of the UH-10 plus ...
• Designed with a single speaker in one dome and slotted open dome on the other side.
• Preferred by drivers or in other situations where outside ambient noise is important to hear.
• Radio transmit/receive
• Hands-free intercom
• Fitted headset band with comfortable headpad for use without a helmet.
• Available with single or dual domes.
• Compatible with all Firecom radio trasmit headsets.
• Attaches conveniently with a sturdy steel belt clip.
• Lightweight durable steel housing protects from damage.

Direct Wire Radio Interface
• Available for most handheld radio models
• Transmit by using the push-to-talk button on the ear dome.
• Connects directly to accessory port.
• Available in all Firecom Under Helmet (UH) and Fitted Headset (FH) styles.
Direct Wire Radio Interface

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