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Lightweight and Flexible Design is What Sets Stonewell Apart

Stonewell trucks support fire, rescue, EMS, and tactical services operating in demanding, harsh environments. Stonewell trucks are almost exclusively built using lightweight aluminum which has many benefits including higher fuel efficiency, corrosion-resistance, and easier to clean and disinfect – especially biohazards.

The versatility of Stonewell’s design and manufacturing ability is supported by skilled craftsman who have been fabricating rescue bodies for decades – from light duty slide-in units to fully equipped rescue bodies, brush trucks and skid units.

Stonewell rigs and storage units provide organized and abundant storage space for all of your fire and EMS supplies including: SCBA’s, Bottles, Stokes baskets, Backboards, Hand Tools and Extrication Equipment.

Other features include refrigeration and heating capabilities along with so much more.