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Preventative Maintenance Plans Can Avert a Catastrophe

Unexpected vehicle failure that can cause an accident – or worse – cost lives due to delayed response time from a breakdown can be mitigated with a comprehensive preventative maintenance (PM) program. Not to mention the unexpected costly repairs that could far exceed having a PM plan in your department’s budget.

Every department is unique – and some are busier than others. Every PM plan that Firematic Supply recommends is specifically designed to adequately serve and protect equipment based on the particular way they are operated. Common PM programs can be scheduled by mileage, calendar days, elapsed engine hours or measuring fuel consumption. Or, any combination of these factors.

Firematic Supply Offers 3 Levels of Preventative Maintenance Services

Our Three Packages are Annual, Deluxe, and Basic

Each package is custom designed to meet the unique needs of a department including considerations such as truck usage and fire department budget.

Each of our 3 Service Locations have lifts that are capable of raising anything from a chief vehicle, to an aerial truck. Every truck gets lifted in the air to get the best view from below of the chassis and allows for more efficient and thorough services. Lifts are not just for technician convenience, they ensure higher quality and less costly repairs.

CHASSIS Saver Undercoating

CARWELL Oil-based Undercoating for Corrosion Control.

After cleaning the frame rails and other parts, the Carwell undercoating is applied to the undercarriage of your apparatus to inhibit, and in many cases, prevent rusting. The weather and road salt In the Northeast makes the Carwell protection system a worthwhile investment. It helps extend the useful life and increases the value of your apparatus when it is time to sell.