Protecting Your Performance

Whether on the road or at the scene, Pierce is committed to keeping you as productive and as safe as possible. This means keeping your truck in peak condition, and stopping at nothing to provide you with the right tools for the job. Pierce is proud to offer Carwell® corrosion protection applications to protect key areas of your vehicle — everything from the cab and body to the frame, suspension, hinges and seams. Proven to shield all major vehicle systems and components, the Carwell corrosion protection system keeps you and your apparatus performing over the long haul.

Carwell T32 Corrosion Protection System

As a Pierce dealer, Firematic is excited to offer this cost effective product that is proven to reduce corrosion on vehicles. With an annual application, it can significantly reduce or stop the corrosion on frame rails, crossmembers, and other metal brackets mounted on the frame. It can also be used between cab and body door hinges, behind handles, diamond plate and anything else mounted to the cab or body. Even the aerial device can be treated to prevent rusting on the ladder and turntable. In addition to using the Carwell product on Pierce apparatus, it can also be used on any vehicle within the department or city’s fleet.


  • Proven product and application system for over 25 years
  • Unique formula with active ingredients that remain on the surface even after washing
  • Carwell has been accepted and used on vehicles for the U.S. Marines, U.S. Army, New York School System, commercial truck fleets and automobiles
  • The Carwell Company will annually spray over 38,000 vehicles
  • Applied at the factory, then reapplied annually by Firematic
  • Can be applied as an option on the entire exterior of an apparatus leaving Pierce


  • Used as a protectant for trucks in coastal saltwater region
  • Reduces corrosion on all metals
  • Will not affect electrical circuits (non-conductive)
  • Shields the cab, chassis, and key areas of the body such as:  Hinges, seams, and anywhere something is attached to the body or cab
  • Protects the frame, electrical system, suspension system and air system components
  • Can be sprayed in the field
  • Easy removal – mild degreaser and warm water pressure wash

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