Build My Pierce (BMP) Program

In ten minutes or less, get a fully-engineered, custom truck drawing.

When protecting your community, options should never be limited.

Many online product configurators sacrifice features to improve turnaround. Build My Pierce (BMP) lets you choose from custom, market-trending options with a wide range of chassis and configurations available.
  • Shortened lead times, depending on slot availability.
  • Finalize details in the beginning.
  • Still completely custom built and designed Pierce apparatus.



  • PACCAR MX-13 or Cummins engines
  • Front axle - leaf or TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension
  • Rear axle - leaf, rubber, air single, air tandem or TAK-4 T3 (aerials only)
  • Full complement of cab lengths; flat or raised roofs
  • Side Roll Protection
  • Frontal air bags
  • Electrical system - hard-wired or Command ZoneT
  • Various pump options available
  • Many customizable features available, contact your Pierce sales representative

Product Variety:

  • Custom Chassis
    • Enforcer™
    • Impel®
    • Saber®
    • Velocity®
  • Aerials
    • Ascendant® 100' Heavy-Duty Aerial Tower
    • 110' Heavy-Duty Single & Tandem Ascendant® Platform
    • 107' Heavy-Duty Single & Tandem Ascendant Ladder
    • 105' Heavy-Duty Ladder
    • 100' Heavy-Duty Platform
    • 75' Aluminum Ladder
  • Custom Pumpers
    • Commercial Pumper
    • PUC™ Pumpers
    • Custom Tankers
    • Commercial Tankers


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