TL-9 Stabilizer

Taking lift operations to a whole new level! The TL-9 greatly reduces set up time and increases safety during lift. Works on most hydraulic spreaders. See videos and additional information below. Contact us today to set up a demonstration. E-mail:, or call: 978-422-1587

The TL-9 Stabilizer allows for a rapid lift with maximum stabilization

This device was designed by firefighters for firefighters! It allows you to perform a lift with your hydraulic spreader in a quick, efficient, and stable manner.
  • Constructed with 1/2 inch AS-36 steel
  • Compression tested to 50 tons
  • Works will all hydraulic spreader units
  • Custom made to fit your spreader within an 1/8 of an inch
  • Rapid set-up and operational time, user friendly, extremely efficient, safe and simple to operate
  • Solid construction features provide for unparalleled lateral stability when compared to any other set-up of this nature