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Sealegs amphibious marine craft give firefighting and rescue organizations unique multi-role capabilities which cannot be performed by any other type of craft. All Sealegs amphibious boats are purpose built as a highly versatile and reliable rescue craft that offers the ability to safely perform critical missions in areas previously considered inaccessible. Sealegs amphibious rescue craft have proven to be a critical fleet asset by many professional rescue and response organizations worldwide including:
  • Fire Departments
  • Emergency Services
  • Coast Guard
  • Police

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Perform Rescue Missions Previously Considered Impossible

  • Seamlessly travel over both land and water with variable propeller and wheel propulsion to carry-out effective and rapid response in the most challenging environments.
  • Reduce response times with the fastest possible launch and retrieval available of any large seaworthy platform in the market today.
  • Access critical areas where traditional vessels are impeded by shallow water, variable depth, debris, and obstructions with instantaneously adjustable wheel and propeller propulsion configurations.
  • Operate in rough offshore conditions.
  • Decrease response time and improved patient stability by driving straight out of the water to waiting resources or hoisting at sea with rotary aircraft.
  • Lead deployment into remote or natural disaster areas in full operational capability without formal docking facilities or supporting infrastructure.

Rugged and Reliable Construction

  • Withstand challenging waters and debris-strewn environments with durable 5083 aluminum hull construction built to Lloyds special craft standards.
  • Reliably operate in remote and highly corrosive conditions with durable hydraulic and marinized componentry from patented Sealegs amphibious technology.
  • Increased sponson service life with enhanced resistance to oil, chemicals, weather, and damaging UV rays from commercial Hypalon grade fabric.
  • Freely drive into exposed debris laden areas with the aluminum air-chambered D-tube that offers the buoyancy of a sponson with the durability of aluminum.
  • US Coast Guard and CE compliant.

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