Introducing the most comfortable, streamlined, balanced, configurable, and customizable self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) MSA has ever produced.

Over the years, MSA has harnessed new technologies that produce exceptional protective equipment. Based on feedback from firefighters and First Responders, they have taken that to a new level and developed the most advanced, intelligent user-friendly SCBA available today. And now we’ve added another first in the fire service: Pairing your G1 SCBA with Motorola Bluetooth for two-way radio voice communication. Stay ahead of the curve with MSA!

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The MSA G1 SCBA is an integrated, feature-rich solution to your SCBA needs:
  1. Facepiece is lightweight and compact: no electronics needed
    • Open port design with cross contamination protection
    • Comfortable and easy to use, with low breathing resistance on and off air
  2. Control module provides dual color LCD and analog displays
    • Display automatically turns on when control module is lifted into viewing position
    • Large print makes display easy to read
    • Provides more data and functionality than ever before
    • No matter which button is pressed, necessary information displays
  3. Improved visibility through buddy lights and reflective material
    • 4 buddy lights
    • 2 control module lights
    • Regulator light
  4. Heads up display (HUD) shows remaining cylinder pressure in 4 increments via colored LEDs
    • Clear and easy to understand and interpret provided information
  5. Electronic communications are integrated into every unit
    • Loud, clear communication
    • Removes inhalation breathing noise
  6. G1 SCBA ergonomics
    • Swiveling, adjustable lumbar pad manages SCBA weight
    • Improved comfort, balance, fit
  7. Central power system for all electronics
    • Only one power source
    • Uses either alkaline or rechargeable battery
    • No need for multiple battery sizes
    • Low cost of ownership
  8. Available in easily-upgradeable threaded or quick-connect cylinder attachment
    • Quick attachment and replacement for return to the fireground
  9. Integrated technology for future expansion
    • Bluetooth, RFID, Near Field Communication (NFC), long-range radio
  10. Customizable — Built to meet your specific needs
    • Control module and HUD display required information; easily adapt to your existing standard operating procedure
    • Wires/hoses can be routed as necessary
  11. New Integrated TIC option can be ordered as accessory, or an upgrade kit for any fielded G1

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