Evolution 5800 Thermal Imaging Camera

Traditionally, in high temperatures, many thermal imaging cameras flash to “low sense” mode and produce an image of much lower quality. But not MSA’s Evolution 5800 TIC!

The Evolution 5800’s ISDR is 4701, so it provides you with clearer, sharper, more detailed images in all temperatures.

You get:

  • Increased image resolution from 80,000 pixels (nominal), with best-in-class image quality from four times the picture elements (four times the information of previous TIC designs)
  • Five user selectable palettes, White hot, Black hot, Fusion, Fire and Ice, and Rainbow.
  • A 3.5” display, larger for better resolution, making it easier for multiple users to see screen simultaneously
  • Standard 2x digital zoom that lets you zoom in on areas requiring a closer look
  • Twice the Low Sensitivity and image quality in the 320° to 1000°+ F range, for unparalleled imaging
  • High sensitivity with high-image definition over the widest temperature range up to 320° F versus competitors with a temperature range below 200° F.

Consistent Operations for Training & Mutual Aid

More and more, the Fire Service is expanding its use of TIC operations and training. Until now, almost every new thermal imaging camera had its own way of displaying temperature, remote transmitter activation, over-temperature warnings, and other TIC functions. This lack of consistency can lead to confusion and need for additional training.

To reduce this confusion, MSA has designed the Evolution 5800 with consistency of training built in. Fit, form, and function are the same as the Evolution 5800’s predecessors, the popular Evolution 5200 and 5600 TICs.

The symbols and warnings are the same; color indicators are the same; and operation of both cameras is the same, simplifying training for departments who are familiar with using the Evolution 5200 and 5600 TIC.

Professional Training

Expert training on TIC operation and use goes a long way toward developing a solid understanding of a TIC’s safety features and functions. Your MSA Fire Service Distributor can recommend TIC training programs from independent and objective organizations to help meet or supplement your department’s training needs.

Warranty MSA continues to lead the industry with our 2-year camera core warranty. The camera core is the most expensive component of any TIC, often accounting for up to 75% of the camera’s cost. MSA’s new 2-year Camera Core Warranty gives TIC users additional warranty coverage where you need it most. An optional extended warranty is available for a fee.

SAFE-IR TIC Application Training for Firefighters MSA is pleased to announce a TIC training alliance with SAFE-IR, Inc. SAFE-IR, Inc. provides advanced fire ground TIC applications training. SAFE-IR, Inc. is recognized throughout the fire service as a leader in thermal imaging applications training and is dedicated to the correct application of thermal imaging as a tool for firefighters.

The goals of MSA and SAFE-IR are the correct application of thermal imaging as a tool for firefighters, the safety of firefighters in using this technology, and the safety of the users.

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