Mobile Command

Firematic is proud to carry another truck line from the Pierce family: Frontline Communications Command series trucks perfectly complement our other Pierce Manufacturing and B.R.A.T. offerings, with the same focus on providing the highest quality available.

Frontline Communications has been in business since 1985, designing, engineering and manufacturing the most durable, reliable, heavy-duty welded aluminum modular bodies available. Featuring worry-free slide-out sections that expand to provide additional interior space, each high-quality body carries an impressive 5-year limited warranty.

Our primary production facility for mobile command vehicles is located in Clearwater, Florida, and has more than 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space. This site is one of several facilities dedicated to manufacturing the finest broadcast, communications and command vehicles in the world. Because of this depth of resources, Frontline Communications is able to respond to any and all mobile command needs.

For more information about Frontline trucks, please e-mail Ray Muller, or call him at 631-995-3242.