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CAFS: Foam

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  NAF213073404  National Foam Universal Gold C6 1%-3%, Class B
Universal GoldC6 1%/3% is an AR-AFFF concentrate with a special biosynthesized polymer. This polymer is desig...

  ANS416493  ANSULITE 3x3 AFFF 3% 5 gal
Superior firefighting performance on Class B fuel fires. Alcohol-Resistant, used as 3% concentrate on BOTH hydrocarbon f...

  ANS55800  ANSULITE 3% AFFF (AFC-3-A) 5 gal
Use on Class B hydrocarbon fuel fires such as crude oils, gasoline, diesel fuels, and aviation fuels. Aspirated or non-a...

  ANS55797  ANSULITE ARC 3% / 6% AR-AFFF 5 gal
Use on Class B fuel fires. 3% concentrate on hydrocarbon fuels such as gasoline, fuel oil, etc. and 6% on polar solvent ...

  ANS434467  Ansul SILV-EX Class A Foam 5 gal
SILVEX Foam makes water at least 5 times more effective on Class A deep-seated applications including wild fires, paper,...
Found 5 items.   

CAFS: Foam