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Founders MT super single tire

Founders MT tires are designed and built for a specific purpose: To allow Ford F-550 and Dodge Ram 5500 trucks to maintain their intended GVW with a super single tire, while also providing superior longevity compared to any other tire its size. It features a tread design optimized for clearing mud/sand/snow while keeping enough rubber on the road to prevent overheating, wear, and blowouts that plague over-aggressive tread patterns. That makes these tires ideal for wildland fire fighting and rescue operations that require driving both on pavement and off-road. Use with super single wheels.

Tire Size: 36x13.50-19.5
Overall Diameter: 36.00"
Cross Section: 13.50" (on a 9.75" Rim)
Weight: 92 pounds
Ply Rating: 16
Load Range: H
Max Load: 6400 pounds
Max Pressure: 110 PSI
Recommended Rim: 9.75"-11.25"
Sidewall: 8 ply nylon
Tread: 10 ply nylon.

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Firematic Manufacturing part# FOUNDERS195, base price = $645.00
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Q. Will these tires fit my truck without a lift kit?

A. No, in order to fit Founders MT onto your truck, you will need to install a lift kit as well as trim your fenders.

Q. How many miles can I expect to get out of a set of Founders MT?

A. The life of your tires will depend on many factors, including your vehicle weight, percentage of driving on/off road, and your style of driving. They were engineered to provide the best combination of longevity, traction and durability.

Q. What makes these tires so great off-road?

A. Here's why:
  • They provide added chassis/suspension clearance over ground obstacles.
  • Their tread pattern is designed for superior traction in soft/muddy ground conditions, not to mention added on-road traction in wet and snowy conditions.
  • Their extra width provides flotation in sandy/soft conditions.
  • The sidewall is designed for abrasion and puncture resistance.
  • Single tires negate the possibility of objects catching between the factory dually tires and blowing out the tire(s).

Q. Will the tires and/or lift-kit affect manufacturer warranty?

A. They do not affect the warranty in any way.