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Facility Safety: Smoke/Gas Alarm

Found 14 items.   

  BRO710LC  Brooks Hearing Impaired Smoke Detector
Brooks Hearing Impaired Smoke Detector. Smoke Alarms for the Hearing Impaired meet ADA and UL 1971 requirements. These u...

  BRO21006377  Kidde Combo CO / Smoke Alarm, Back-up
The Kidde 120 VAC Combination Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector Alarm provides two important safety devices in a single u...

  BRONHDELUXE  Kidde Nighthawk Deluxe CO Alarm
120 VAC Direct Plug Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm with 9V Battery Back-Up. Digital readout indicates CO level in parts ...

  BRO9000113  Kidde Plug-In CO / Gas Alarm w/ Back-up
This Kidde combination Carbon Monoxide and Gas detector alarm provides double the protection, detecting CO and explosive...

  BRO9000136  10-Year Lithium Smoke Alarm, Smart Hush
This is a Kidde 10-year, sealed battery, ionization, smoke detector alarm with Alarm Memory and Smart Hush feature. The ...

  BRO21006371  120 VAC Photoelectric Smoke Alarm, Backup
Kidde 120VAC powered photoelectric smoke detector alarm with 9V battery back up. This advanced smoke alarm has the abili...

  BROCOPB  Kidde CO Alarm, DC, 3 AA Batteries
This Kidde battery operated carbon monoxide detector alarm utilizes sophisticated electronic components to protect you a...

  BRO7010  BRK AC Only Photoelectric Smoke Alarm
This BRK smoke detector uses a photoelectric sensor which samples the air every 5 seconds, and triggers an alarm if pres...

  BRO21006379  120 VAC Ionization Smoke Alarm, Exit light, Backup
Kidde 120VAC powered ionization smoke detector alarm with a safety light and 9V battery back up. This premium smoke alar...

  BRO21006378  120 VAC Ionization Smoke Alarm, Backup
Kidde hard-wired smoke detector alarms can be operated as a single station unit or interconnected with up to 12 Kidde sm...

  BRO9120B  BRK AC Ionization Latching Smoke Alarm, Backup
This smoke detector is designed to install faster, perform better and be even smarter than before. These improvements he...

  BRO21006374  120 VAC Ionization Smoke Alarm
Kidde hard-wired smoke detector alarms can be operated as a single station unit or interconnected with up to 12 Kidde sm...

  BROFTS2  Brooks Smoke Detector Tester, 2.6 oz
FireTech SMOKE DETECTOR TESTER is for functional testing of photoelectric and ionization smoke detectors. Non-toxic. 2.6...

  BRO914E  Brooks Ionization Smoke Detector w/ 9V Battery
Brooks 3 7/8" Smoke Detector w/9v Battery and 4 7/8" mounting plate. Battery-powered smoke detector. Ionization chamber ...
Found 14 items.   

Facility Safety: Smoke/Gas Alarm