Hurst eDRAULIC™ Rescue Tools
eDRAULIC sets a new standard for rescue tools with modern electrohydraulics

Hydraulic Power Unleashed
eDRAULIC tools from Hurst offer the impressive power of hydraulics without the hassle of power units or hoses. Just grab and go.

Stand-Alone or Supplementary Tools
Powerful and flexible enough to stand alone as your complete set of rescue tools, eDRAULIC tools from Hurst have you covered. They are also the ideal way to supplement your inventory, and add portability to your current rescue tool system.

Powered by Battery or Cord
The rechargeable battery means the freedom to work off-road missions and large-scale accidents with the power of hydraulics. You can also plug your eDRAULIC tools in with a 110 adapter for limitless operation.


S 700 E

With the S 700 E, we have developed a cutter in which blade opening and force application are perfectly matched to the relevant working range. In comparison with previous top cutters, the new S 700E reaches its greatest strength earlier, delivering its best performance at large diameters. This cutter was designed not only for current vehicle construction, but also built with advanced technology to perform on future vehicle generations with stronger and wider vehicle posts.
  • Superior Curved blades for the perfect pull effect
  • Optimized for current and upcoming vehicles with stronger and wider car posts
  • More power where you need it... more cutting force in the relevant work area than previous top cutters
  • Rescue without power units and hoses
  • Ideal for operations involving major accidents or off-road rescues
Technical Data
Cutter Opening: 7.1 in
Dimensions: 36.0 in x 11.8 in x 11.7 in
Weight: 54.8 lbs (without power source)

Cutting Performance Redefined
S 700E Cutter User Manual
S 700E Cutter Bid Spec
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S 311E

The "little brother" of the S 700 E is particularly convenient and easy to use. Its sophisticated blade geometry means that it is fully optimized for vehicle extrication. Operate the tool using the power cord or switch over to battery mode for maximum portability. Rescue workers value its combination of cutting performance and blade opening-not to mention its low weight.
  • Low weight combined with high performance
  • Rescue without power units and hoses
  • Ideal for operations involving major accidents or off-road rescues
  • Optimal blade geometry for more force at the right point
Technical Data
Cutter Opening: 6 in
Dimensions: 33.8 in x 10.9 in x 11.7 in
Weight: 38.5 lbs (without power source)

S 311E Cutter User Manual
S 311E Cutter Bid Spec
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SP 300E

With this new, completely redesigned spreader, you have the freedom to operate in battery mode-which means the ability to perform rescues in even the most challenging environments. The option to plug in and power the tools with a cord allows for continuous operation. The SP 300E offers the perfect combination of strength and spreading distance.
  • Diamond tips for improved vehicle extrication
  • Ideal for operations involving major accidents or off-road rescues
  • Extremely flat tips to penetrate the narrowest gaps
  • Special “diamond” surface finish for excellent grip
Technical Data
Spreading Force: up to 25,000 lbs
Spreading Distance: 23.8 in
Pulling Force: up to 6,295 lbs
Pulling Distance: 19.5 in
Dimensions: 32.7 in x 14.0 in x 11.5 in
Weight: 44 lbs (without power source)

SP 300E Spreader User Manual
SP 300E Spreader Bid Spec
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R 411E

The R 411E is powerful, extremely compact and offers impressive strength. With the ability to operate in battery mode or with a cord, this remarkable tool has power to spare. The claws at the two ends can be rotated by 360°, enabling you to apply the ram effectively in almost any rescue situation
  • First rescue ram without hoses
  • Impressive extended length of 47.2" when used with optional extension
  • Ideal for operations involving major accidents or off-road rescues
Technical Data
Piston Stroke: 14.1 in
Force: 23,180 lbs
Retracted Length: 21.3 in
Dimensions: 21.3 in x 6.7 in x 10.4 in
Weight: 37.4 lbs (without power source)

R 411E Ram User Manual
R 411E Ram Bid Spec
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