Below are photos of the Millbury, Massachusetts Fire Department using their new eDraulic Model SP300E at a motor vehicle accident rollover with entrapment on Route 146. Members of Millbury Rescue No. 1 utilized two sets of Hurst hydraulic tools to gain access to the patient and to extricate the victim from under the dashboard. Complementing the use of the SP300E battery operated spreader was the use of a new Hurst JL500 cutter.

According to Assistant Chief Richard Hamilton, this was the Department’s first occasion to utilize the new tools at a complicated extrication. AC Hamilton stated that once patient access was gained, he entered the passenger compartment with the SP300E spreader, and used the tool to pry open the dash to release the victim and then to lift the roof of the car that had pinned the victims arm. Though serious injuries resulted, the victim is expected to fully recover.

To learn more about these revolutionary rescue tools, click here. Photographs by Edd Cote of Millbury; courtesy of Millbury Fire Department.

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