Dash CF Interior


Interior Cab



Increased space so you're ready for any situation.

  • Engine repositioned rearward and down low between the frame rails
    for more driver and officer space.
  • Seats moved inboard providing more leg, elbow and shoulder room
    and easier access to seat belts.
  • Increased storage space in the cab giving more options for turnout gear
    and equipment storage.

Open Interior Visibility




The open interior layout offers all occupants a full view to enhance en route communication as well as enhanced outward visibility.


Prepare to see what you're up against.

Visibility innovations include:

  • Greater visibility and wiper coverage with two wiper blades and no center post.
  • Drop driver and officer windows and large center windows increasing occupant visibility.


Front Visibility

Ergonomic Flat Floor



Dash CF Windows

A significantly lower, single piece panoramic windshield has been lowered a full 10 inches for excellent outward visibility.

The ergonomically designed control console is placed lower resulting in switches, radios, and controls being located out of critical sight lines.


Teardrop front door windows - and larger, side middle windows - offer firefighters significantly improved visibility.






Dash CF Visibility



Dash CF Step




  • First step 4" lower to the ground and off-set allowing safe, comfortable entry and exit.
  • Enhanced 360? Protection From Every Angle.











360 Degrees

Cab firewall is 1/4" thick aluminum plate backed with a welded 1/2" cross support for better occupant protection.


TAK-4® independent front suspension for a smoother and more confident ride.


Enhanced safety with side roll and frontal airbag protection systems. 


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Simple. Organized. Easy to access.

We've made the Dash CF™ much easier to service. Here's how: 

  • Checks and fills access on the driver’s side with boots on the ground.
  • Easy access to radiator, accessory drive belt, water valve, battery chargers and power distribution
  • Integrated metal wire raceways to easily service
  • Chassis filters located together in central and convenient location


The console on the officer’s side has removable panels, allowing you to easily service the battery chargers, defroster and single wiper motor system.


We’ve relocated the batteries, alternator, air cleaner, and belts making these components more accessible forward on the chassis.


Tilt the cab and you’ll find that the chassis filters are located together in one central location on the frame rail for convenient maintenance.

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        Pierce Dash CF Frame Rails





Strength throughout the cab.

  • Largest and strongest frame rails in the industry at 13.38"
  • Thick structural A-pillars
  • 1/2 inch thick cross cab supports
  • 1/4 inch thick fire wall across front of the cab for occupant protection




  • Detailed list of chassis features
  • Photo gallery
  • Printable brochure




  • Walk-arounds directly from the FDIC show floor
  • Interviews of reactions to the unveiling
  • Teaser videos of our inspiration for Dash CF™
  • More clips of the Dash CF™ features












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