Firematic Supply Co., Inc. was incorporated in the State of NY in 1961. The present owners Barbara and Michael Hanratty purchased the business in 1969, and began offering fire extinguisher and suppression systems to municipal and commercial customers on Long Island. The business grew substantially to include sales, service and manufacturing of equipment and apparatus for the fire rescue market worldwide. Firematic is a privately held corporation with headquarters in East Yaphank, NY and additional locations in the northeastern United States, as well as a national and international dealer network.

Everything Firematic touches is potentially a life saving piece of equipment. Every day, the company designs, manufactures and services equipment with that in mind, because lives depend on it. Firematic’s dynamic staff is renowned for developing unique solutions to complex problems. From the design of the first Halon fire suppression system on the F18 for Grumman Aerospace Corporation back in 1975, and continuing to present day, Firematic’s reputation for simple, solid solutions to complex issues is unparalleled.

The B.R.A.T.® Brush Rapid Attack Truck is a specialized fire fighting vehicle that was developed at the request of a Long Island fire department who needed a lot of fire power to protect assets in tight spaces. They weren’t alone. Soon, other departments were asking for similar trucks and The B.R.A.T. was developed. The 4x4 chassis carries up to 500 gallons of water into the toughest terrains, and its low profile can provide access into tight spaces, such as parking garages. The vehicle now sets the standard in the market for the highest quality, custom rapid attack vehicle in the market.

Porta-CAFS®, a patented Portable Compressed Air Foam System, is another unique product developed, manufactured and marketed worldwide by Firematic. The system produces high volumes of Class A or B fire fighting and suppression foam and discharges it at an extraordinary distance of up to 90 feet, providing superior fire fighter protection and exceptional reach. This revolutionary product is easy to use and costs a fraction of what traditional truck mounted CAFS systems typically cost. This product exemplifies Firematic’s innovation from concept to delivery.

In addition to their custom product offerings, Firematic holds exclusive sales territory for the sales and service of Pierce Mfg. Fire Apparatus, Hurst Jaws of Life rescue tools, MSA safety products and breathing apparatus, as well as a full line of fire rescue equipment and gear. Firematic is licensed for fire extinguisher and air cylinder sales, inspection, and maintenance in Suffolk County, NY. Firematic is also a GSA Contract holder for the B.R.A.T.

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